For their spring / summer 2022 collection, Pièces Uniques has chosen a natural approach to rediscover the simple power of color. Entitled “Primary Element”, the collection focuses on the four elements – water, fire, air and earth – as a medium for the artistic director Edmond Luu to express his love for primary colors.

In the collection, each color represents an element and the garments are constructed using techniques related to their specific elements. Thermochromic and waterproof fabrics invoke water, while the inserts are reminiscent of the tectonic plates of Earth. From bright blue and brick rust cable knit vests to modern dandelion yellow suits, the collection’s boldness lies in its sophistication and overzealous colors.

One of the highlights of the collection includes an azure blue neo-moto two-piece suit. The leather motorcycle jacket has zippers on the chest and is paired with matching leather pants with inserts that run down the leg.

The collection also includes a workwear-inspired stony brown denim jacket with matching jeans, a refined pearl-colored set without buttons to provide a seamless look, an oversized cocoon-shaped black quilted waistcoat paired with elongated pants with flared ankles, a rust colored technical suit and more.

In addition to focusing on the rawness of color and elements, the collection was always inspired by pop culture, science fiction and manga, all of which were relevant to Unique Pieces. Luu wanted to honor his childhood memories of storytelling and video games in order to always give this season’s offerings a personal touch. In addition, the colors were chosen by photographer Bilal El Kadhi and some pieces were designed by Elyas Polat and Larson Seker. The multitude of inspirations and perspectives is what fueled this colorful new collection suitable for the warm season.

Expect to see the collection in the coming months on Pièces Uniques ” website and at some retailers.

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