Ahead of 2020, Veronica Swanson Beard and Veronica Miele Beard hosted some of New York Fashion Week’s loudest presentations, with jaw-dropping music and cocktails abound. In contrast, their spring 2022 event was surprisingly cold: a morning coffee presentation with no models, just clothes on models. It focused on VB’s goal: easy-to-wear, accessible clothing that has an impact even on a hanger.

The Veronicas said they saw an increase in demand for formal wear and shoes, but the highlights of this collection were more casual. Their signature blazer has been reworked as a collarless, hip-length jacket in raw burlap, a refreshing, no-frills break from their usual crisp stitching and technical fabrics. Other jackets came with rounded sleeves, echoing our impetus for ease and comfort during lockdown. On that note, their denim is selling too, and the key form for Spring 2022 was a faded flare with frayed edges. For the woman returning to an office – likely with a newly relaxed dress code – chambray pants would be a sharp yet understated option.

Veronica Beard is not a label that tackles political issues or pushes the fashion conversation forward; the prerogative of the designers is to create uplifting and empowering clothing for women like them – “women who stand up and do it, live life to the fullest and seek wonder and grace,” as they say in the release . Spring’s relaxed silhouettes and hard-wearing fabrics, from that burlap to soft, intentionally crumpled cotton, should resonate with their customers at every stage of the re-emergence.