Next week’s pre-order releases finally bring the Leagues of Votann home. Discover the LoV launch set and more!

If you ever needed proof that the last two years existed outside of normal space/time, let the release of Squats be one. Because this week’s pre-order releases will be the Leagues of Votann, delivered in a shiny new launch kit with everything you need to start fielding your own space dwarf army.

But on top of that, House Goliath is getting a new wave of reinforcements. Line up a few House Goliath Maulers and learn their rules in an all-new book. Let’s dive in!

The Votann Leagues are finally here

If you ever thought you would see the day when plastic squats were back, but also really cool, I salute your foreknowledge. Because they are there, and they are.

In the Leagues of Votann Launch Kit, you’ll get 25 new miniatures, including Uthar the Destined, an Einhyr Champion, three Hernkyn Pioneers, and 20 Hearthkyn Warriors.

This host of awesome miniatures all come with a range of customization options, including weapons, heads, and more. You can also be one of the first people in the world to get your hands on the brand new Codex: Leagues of Votann. The full army one is a collector’s edition with a special cover, and is packed full of Kin background and lore, as well as rules for using the army in your games of Warhammer 40,000.

Inside the Codex you will find all the rules you need to play the new 40K faction.

These will likely be available individually after a while, but if you want to be first in the field with the Votann Leagues, this is your chance this weekend.

Goliath House – Maulers and more

House Goliath also appears in full force. You will be able to get a pair of Goliath Maulers, which are as brutal as they are fast. And you will find rules for using them in the latest Necromunda book, Aranthian’s successor, Cinderak Burning.

All this next week!