Next week is Chaos by design, to your particular specifications. That’s right, it’s time for custom Chaos. Get your lords next week!

It’s a Chaos Cavalcade on order next week for the Mortal Realms. A number of classic Chaos Lords are available through GW’s build-to-order process. You’ll find all four Chaos Gods represented here, along with a retro-Archaon who’s back and more metal than ever.

Literally. Check out everything you can catch next week. As with most of these options, you only have a limited window. So if you want to collect these classic Chaos Lords, you’ll want to get them fast.

Chaos on command

First up is Archaon, back in POG form. Uh. Metallic form. That’s right, Archaon, Lord of the End Times, here is the classic Archaon, now cast in metal in all his glory. Paint it to make it iconic. GW suggests using him as a Chaos Lord in a Slaves to Darkness army.

But this beauty will look great in any collection.

Next, a classic Khorne Lord. Or Colonel, as they used to be called. As with all of these, Lord Khorne is also cast in metal. And he makes a fantastic Khorne Marked mini, whether it’s a Chaos Lord or an Aspiring Deathbringer. As long as he can take skulls for the skull throne.

The Chaos Lord of Nurgle has an extra blade on his shoulder and a starchy grin that would make his boss proud. Whether you line him up in Slaves to Darkness or Maggotkin of Nurgle, the classic Nurgle Lord is a sinister, grinning guy who’s fun to be around.

Slaanesh’s Chaos Lord really evokes that Dark Elf/Eldar sensibility. Especially with that high knot, it’s clearly one of the best ever. How long do you think it takes to wrap it all up? And who does the Chaos Lord trust enough to approach?

The Tzeentch Chaos Lord comes with a familiar and is the iconic bird magician. How many bird heads can you count between these two miniatures?

Finally a mounted chaos wizard, back as a veritable blast from the ancient past.

All this is available from next Saturday until November 28!