The school board accepted Dr. Andrew Curry’s resignation, along with a settlement agreement between him and the district at a board meeting on Thursday.

PINE BLUFF, Ark — After a specially called meeting Thursday night, the Watson Chapel School District found itself once again looking for a new superintendent.

At the board meeting, many people expressed their love for Dr. Andrew Curry and were stunned to learn that he might be leaving.

“Things are looking up for this community and this school and all of a sudden it’s almost like a train wreck,” said Patricia Oates, a teacher at Watson Chapel Secondary School.

When the council started the meeting, they only stayed for a few seconds, as they then adjourned into executive session.

Two hours later they came back and they had two specific motions: one was to accept Dr. Andrew Curry’s resignation, and the other was a settlement agreement between him and the district.

“Where’s the explanation? You had a room full of people. I’ve never been here where there’s a room full of people — a room full of worried people. Never,” said Latoya Morgan, a former student of Watson Chapel.

Exactly a year ago, Dr. Curry was hired at Watson Chapel and, according to parents, staff and students, he was very involved in the district.

“I see him when we’re doing stuff for parents, and when we’re doing stuff for kids, he’s there. I’ve seen him working on the grill in the heat,” Candace Meadows said.

Shekinah Meadows, a student at Watson Chapel, offered some thoughts on Dr. Curry. “He definitely shows he cares and he’s definitely more active in student life,” she said.

Once the council made the motions, those present were visibly upset and demanded answers from the council as they walked out.

With no real answers as to who the acting superintendent is, some are simply hoping they can live up to the work Dr. Curry has done over the past year.

“I feel like we need more people like him. We need more people who care about us and more people who actually listen to us,” Meadows said.

After the meeting was over, we contacted Dr. Curry for comment, but he did not return the phone call.