Create your own amazing miniatures with the same motion control kit from Jern up for grabs.

While we all love going to the movies these days and getting lost in the big-budget CGI shows that are the most modern superhero blockbusters, there’s a certain charm to being able to revisit movie classics that shot make the most of practical effects and sorcery-based VFX.

No one knows this better than Swedish filmmaker and visual artist Sebastian Jern, who is an expert at creating beautiful (and cinematic) miniatures that look larger than life once you put them on video.

And, thanks to a new (and crazy) giveaway from the team at Syrp Lab, you too can unlock the power of miniature VFX magic, as well as add useful motion tracking tools to enhance your film projects and of videos.

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The Syrp Lab gift

Before watching this cool interview with Sebastian Jern and take a look behind the curtain at some of his tips and tricks, we have to present this incredible gift offered by Syrp Lab. Combining years of R&D and innovation experience, Syrp Lab’s realization team is dedicated to creating a new and unique approach to product development, developing next-generation tools for creatives.

Together with Jern, they’re giving away over $10,000 worth of movie gear, including the same motion control kit Jern uses to create his amazing miniatures that you’ll see in the video below.

All you have to do is sign up for Syrp Lab’s monthly newsletter for a chance to win! (Prizes are drawn August 5, 2022.)

Unlocking Sebastian Jern’s Process

Syrp Lab’s Chase sits down with Jern to talk about how he’s been able to breathe new life into the art of miniature visual effects in his video projects. This is truly a great interview full of awesome insights into how Jern was able to bring both art and education to rapid growth instagram and Youtube.

But what can filmmakers learn from Jern’s workflow and approach?

While primarily self-taught in art design and miniature videography, Jern has quickly made a name for himself in this DIY filmmaking space. It does this by focusing on depth. Everything about its miniatures in lighting, physical design, and camera movement is all in the name of depth.

For example, in Jern stranger things miniature, the road is not really straight but gets thinner the further it gets from the camera. This accentuates its vanishing point and creates, you guessed it, depth! However, the 1917 miniature was all about lighting and special effects. While the miniature was simple, Jern’s use of smoke and silhouette lighting gave his frame a multitude of layers.

The use of depth really makes Jern’s work unique. If there is one thing the filmmakers take away from his work, it would be to focus on the depth of their images and their stories. How can you use silhouette lighting to create depth? How does this inform your story? How can you distort your props to create the illusions of a bigger (or smaller) space? Just because Jern’s techniques work in miniatures doesn’t mean they won’t work for props and life-size people.

From its creative use of lighting to its focus on depth and miniature design, these tips and tricks can help filmmakers bring their projects big or small to life.

3-axis kit by Sebastian Jern

Syrp Lab is thrilled to offer this giveaway which includes Jern’s signature 3-axis kit as the top prize. In this kit, you will get the following pieces of equipment, including:

  • Engineering II Linear
  • Pan Tilt Genie II
  • Magic Mat Pro 61cm
  • Magic Carpet Carbon Fiber Kit with Extension
  • 2x Manfrotto 055 Tripods
  • 2x Manfrotto Move quick release
  • Manfrotto Pro Light Camera Bag

Along with the Motion Tracking and Motion Pan & Tilt kits which are the 2nd and 3rd prizes in the competition, these kits are key to unlocking the fluid motion at the heart of Jern’s miniature cinematic recreations.

It’s also really cool to hear Jern talk about the importance of these motion control tools as a way to really make sure you’re capturing the real parallax in your videos as you aim to create that much detail on set before making your subtle editing touches.

And remember, to enter the contest, all you need to do is subscribe to Syrp Lab monthly newsletter be in the game to win!